Sisu Nr 3 Cane webbing

 1.300 inc. 21% BTW

Aimed to reflect fluidity and strength, the Sisu Collection is made of eye-catching light sculptures.

The Rotan edition consists of a resin frame as the base and a cane webbing front surface.
Dimmable led light including remote control.

The Sisu is a series of 3 different shapes, with cane webbing, acrylic or mirror as front surfaces.
The construction makes it possible to apply the lamp at an angle of your own preference.

Cane webbing comes in five colours; Minimal, Warm, Honey, Fika and Old Mate.

Dimensions: B 70 x D 7.1 cm x H 70 cm
Material: Cane webbing frontshade
Resin frame
Till shipment: 4 – 6 weeks
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Weight 1.5 kg
Dimensions 86 × 57 × 7.1 cm
Cane webbing

Honey, Fika, Old Mate, Minimal, Warm